We help businesses enter the unique market of Japan

There are some unique things about Japan which are difficult to get a handle on. As the third largest market, the nation is a host of novel technologies as well as a market formed by a fairly uniform population of 120 million. 

INDEE Singapore will work with your team in the best way to discover and exploit opportunities in Japan.

Innovation Training

We provide innovation training for organizations of any size. Custom workshops will be designed that help your team discover innovation opportunities, and build businesses upon them.

Startup Coaching / Mentoring

Startups in Singapore often outgrow the country. We will provide the necessary insight to build expansion strategies to Japan including additional funding.

Business Development / Tech Scouting

INDEE Singapore will work together with INDEE Japan to find technology that enable your business or find customers for your technology. We are affiliated with many institutions and corporations in Japan which enable us to find them efficiently.